About Seasons Meal System

Chef Binks Creates….

  • Delicious and invigorating breakfasts!
  • Mouth watering and healthy lunches!
  • Low fat and savory dinners!

All for a fraction of the price of a personal chef!

Seasons saves you money…

Let’s take a look at the real savings:

  • No grocery shopping, Chef Binks buys all your food!
  • No traveling to and from the grocery store! Deliveries are made right to your door.
  • No calorie or point counting! Our meals are designed to work together to deliver you 3 nutritious, low fat meals and one snack per day, for every week.
  • No clean up! All food is delivered in microwave safe disposable dishes!

Let’s talk numbers…

What you’re spending right now:

  • $4.00 a gallon for gas just going to and from the grocery store!
  • 25% increase in fresh food prices, this year alone!
  • Frozen meals are sometimes disguised as healthy. Truth is, they’re loaded with sugar. Our meals are delivered fresh, and you can taste the difference!
  • How many hours a week do you spend a week cooking, cleaning, running errands? All to get dinner on the table. Let us help!
  • The average person spends $9.00 per meal eating fast food. We aren’t just talking triple cheeseburgers, here. Think stopping for that bagel was harmless? Carbs, sugars and hidden fats are not helping keep you on track with weight loss – or your budget!

What if we told you we can deliver delicious, fat burning, high protein, gourmet meals for as low as $9.00 per meal?

For the same price as a double-quarter-pounder value meal super-sized you can have a professionally prepared, gourmet meal delivered to your door, ready to eat!

Let us save you time…

  • What would you do with an extra 10, 15 or even 20 hours a week NOT having to worry about food preparation?
  • What if Chef Binks could give you and your family back the hours spent on shopping and cooking?
  • What if it costed you less than what you spend right now on food alone?

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