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The ultimate chef experience

Chef Binks – Cooking with the freshest and most healthy products

It’s my most complete experience where I personally prepare food for you and your family.personalchefs

  • Personally prepared and monitored by Chef Binks
  • Completely custom built specifically for you based on exactly what you want to eat!
  • Choice of ANY food item
  • Choice of serving times and days
  • Organic & wild caught foods
  • Prepared in heart healthy mono-unsaturated fat (olive oil) or super-fat Macadamia nut oil (liquid gold)garlic-big.jpg
  • Meals delivered to your home or office or both!
  • Served on china or disposable depending on your needs or preferences.
  • Catering and Party service available for your home or business needs.
  • Total access to Chef Binks and his Health and wellness advisory board  for any health and wellness needs!
  • Strictly limited to 3-families