You’re busy, you’re tired and consequently, you might eat the wrong breakfast!
That is why I am so exciting about Live It Fit Now! (Season 2).
Both NBC ch2 & CBS ch4 have signed on to broadcast Live It Fit NOW!
  • Saturday 6.30am WIVB ch4 (NEW STATION- NEW TIME)
  • Sunday 6.00AM WGRZ (Same time!)
This week I show you the exact breakfast I serve my private clients.

Dr. Derek & I are always searching for the best foods for our clients for great health & fitness

Also, if you’d like Dr. Derek & I to help you with your weight loss & healthy goals, please let us know now!

1. Private Fitness & Fat Loss Consultation –  The right exercise, the right nutrition and the right plan!

2. Chef Binks – Private Chef Service I’ll do the cooking for you!  – Breakfast, lunch, dinner – all delicious & delivered to your door!

​I hope this helps. 

It is my pleasure helping improve your health, fitness and food!!