All of our meals are delivered fresh cooked perfectly and ready to reheat. You can always freeze meals if that is your preference. We recommend freezing any unused meals after five days.

All meals delivered by Chef Binks are fully cooked and ready to reheat and eat.

All meals are clearly labeled with what the dish is.

It depends on the plan. Most of our plans are delivered once per week, fresh!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any meal sent to you just let Chef Binks know and he will credit your account and not send you the same dish again.

All of our meal plans allow for special dietary considerations. If you are allergic to something please let us know at the beginning of your plan to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

All meals are custom-built fresh to reheat perfectly in the microwave. Vegetables are  Al Dante chicken is cooked all the way sauce and sides are portioned so they will all reheat evenly and not lose any moisture  in the microwave. Food can be removed from the plastic containers and reheated in a conventional oven or sauté pan if that is desired.

The amount of time necessary to heat your meals varies by personal taste and the power of your microwave. For example some people like their food very hot others warm. Steaks are delivered medium rare some folks like their steak well done. We recommend microwaving each meal covered for short increments of time until you figure out the right amount of time that works for you.

Because of the three different plans we offer(Seasons Live it Fit Chef and Chef Binks personal chef service) and the wide variety of options in each plan. It is impossible to put pricing for every option that is available. Packages start as low as 127 per week! The best way to find out which package is perfect for you is to enter your name and email under the appropriate meal plan and Chef Binks will personally contact you to discuss options.

Our main service area is the western New York region. But we ship too clients in all parts of the country.

The service we provide is built to make your life easier give you tons of convenience and be flexible. You just have to let us know the Wednesday before your delivery day and we can always bump a week.

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