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(2) New ways to drop – with breakfast

Dr. Derek (image above) hypnotized me into making the perfect breakfast: Delicious Fast Simple Helps to improve your health & fitness We’ll I succeeded! Best Breakfast! (Located below the video) Watch Live It Fit Now! Season 2 – beginning this weekend & I’ll show you the exact breakfast I make for my clients to help them with […]

Two (2) new ways to drop more fat! [lunch attached]

1) Dr. Derek & I are proud to announce the release of Live It Fit NOW! – season 2 beginning next week! There will be more: Fat Dropping Recipes – (delicious & fat dropping breakfast, lunch, dinners) Metabolic exercises – (drop more fat in less time) Pantry Makeover – (Get the right ingredients in your pantry) Fitness Makeovers – […]

Best salad dressing to drop weight!

All salad dressing are NOT equal. Many are made with inferior products and loaded with sugar. On the other hand, a select few are super healthy and will help you drop body fat! Best Salad Dressings for weight loss! Dr. Derek & I are always searching the the best salad dressing for our clients and It’s […]

Best cooking oils to drop weight!

Cooking oils are fat(s) but some of them can make you thin!! The key is to know which cooking oils are best! Best cooking oils! And it might not be what you think – There’s a good chance that you’ve been mislead in the wrong ones! Also, if you’d like Dr. Derek & I to help you with […]