Chef Binks helped my wife and I get healthy right before we had our first baby.  It was very important to us to be as healthy as we could.  We are both busy professionals with little time to plan out meals.  Always having that right choice at our fingertips was invaluable!  To me though, the best part was having it for work. 2 snacks and a great lunch saved me so much time that I realized I was getting more work done!

I love participating in the Seasons Meal System. It could not be more convenient! This system is a total win-win. The food that keeps me healthy and helps me lose weight, is also delicious and prepared for me by a chef who knows me and completely understands my dietary tastes and needs. Not only that but it’s even fun! I love bringing my lunches to work in their cute little containers. my girlfriends are always wondering what I might be bringing. I think they might even be a little jealous! Chef Binks and the seasons team are making attaining my weight loss goals easy and enjoyable!

Results simply speak for themselves. During the time I have been ordering meals from Chef Binks I have lost 50 lbs. of fat, put on 38 lbs. of lean muscle and have gone from a 38 waist size to a 32. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago. This was no strict diet; far from it. I was never hungry and never bored with the delicious meals I received each week. Chef Binks provides a great variety of simple to prepare meals which are convenient and worth every penny. What better investment to make than in your health. Thank you for making it so easy.

I have been a customer of Chef Binks for 2.5 years. I’ve lost 60lbs on using his meals and a regular work-out program. His food is fresh and delicious with great variety. He is very friendly and works with you to customize the menu. And it’s real food – eggs, steaks, salmon, pork, beef…etc.

When I lived in Buffalo, the food was personally delivered into my fridge each week. Now that I’m out of state, I’m still a customer and Chef mails the food to me in insulated/cooled boxes.

It’s been great!

Chef’s meals are not just your every day prepared food! Gourmet, quality, high end meals delivered right to your door weekly. He takes care of all your nutritional requirements,while you do all the sweating ! Whether you just want the convenience of having your meals prepared and at your finger tips. Or you are in the process of a healthy life change . I highly recommend this to every one !

The service provided by Chef Binks & his wife Kristie has always been great. They always provided me food that is based on my needs on a weekly basis. They’re always cooperative on holding my orders whenever I’m away.

Chef Binks’ preperation of the food has been phenomenal. I would recommend him to anyone with a very busy schedule.

“As a person who’s living was so long dependent on my Fitness – I learned that Diet was 75% of the equation! Having known Chef Binks personally and professionally for nearly all my adult life has helped me to Integrate Perfect Diet into my perfect fitness and health regimen.  I was one of the first to sign-up for his groundbreaking Whole Food low-carb Meal Plan – and it has helped me stay in TOP Physical Condition and 4 – 6% body fat for years!

Thank you Chef Binks!”